PyCon2012US视频土豆版本 (2)



Writing a Pyramid application

PyCon US 2012 Keynote: Guido Van Rossum

Optimize Performance and Scalability with Parallelism and Concurrency

Introduction to Django

Coroutines, event loops, and the history of Python generators (前一篇搬运的有问题,这篇是真的协程相关)

Web Server Bottlenecks And Performance Tuning

Using Coroutines to Create Efficient, High-Concurrency Web Applications (这个是Pycon2011的,但是个人比较感兴趣)

Python Epiphanies

Introduction to Metaclasses

Faster Python Programs through Optimization

Data analysis in Python with pandas (pandas是这次pycon提到次数很多的开源项目,数据分析,类似R语言)

Deep Freeze: building better stand-alone apps with Python

Python Metaprogramming for Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses

MongoDB and Python

Introduction to PDB

Build reliable, traceable, distributed systems with ZeroMQ

Storm: the Hadoop of Realtime Stream Processing

Pragmatic Unicode, or, How do I stop the pain?

High Performance Python II

How the PyPy JIT works

What’s New in Python on Windows

Introspecting Running Python Processes

pandas: Powerful data analysis tools for Python

PBS KIDS: Building a login system for kids and teens in Python

Scalability at YouTube

Throwing Together Distributed Services With Gevent

Social Network Analysis with Python

How to get the most out of your PyPy

More than just a pretty web framework, the Tornado IOLoop


Parsing Horrible Things with Python

Coroutines, event loops, and the history of Python generators

Python, Linkers, and Virtual Memory

Stepping Through CPython

Why PyPy by example



微博上的@season仔 也把pycon2012的两段视频搬到国内: High Performance Python II High Performance Python I


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