More than QA testing – one email to team

We are testing IterationN in recent weeks, maybe some of you doubt why we test X so long time more than write code.

First reason, for Dalian team, we are new for X business, so we need to be familiar with the operation for X. Every business details are behind these operations. If you can’t understand what and why this operation does for business, ask question about it, it is a good way to learn.

Second reason, as developer, we should “eating our own dog food” , you could see detailed explanation from Wiki. In summary, we should like to use the software we write, otherwise, something is wrong.

During our testing, we should not only try to find issue that can’t match the story, but think about that “if I implement this feature, how could I do?” or “is there more easy way?”, or “which part has more issue found in testing, could we improve it?” We could set breakpoint and watch runtime variables values, QA testing can’t do like that. We should think, could we test with MSTest test case or automatic testing tool?

Acting as tester, but we should think like a developer, should be more creative.

Any idea, please tell me.


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