Russ Miles: You are not (only) a software developer! – Simplicity in practice

Torstein Nicolaysen: All you need to know about TypeScript

Scott Meyers: Better Software — No Matter What

Dan North: Patterns of Effective Teams

Alvaro Videla: Cloud Messaging with Node.js and RabbitMQ

Don Syme: Succeeding with Functional-first Programming in Industry

Allan Kelly: Do it right, then do the right thing

Tom Dale, Peter Cooper and Rob Conery; Cage Match – EmberJS vs. Angular

Pedro Félix: From requests to responses: a journey into the ASP.NET Web API runtime architecture

Scott Allen: The Abstractions of AngularJS

Robert C. Martin: Clean Architecture and Design

Benjamin Mitchell: Effective Leadership: How to avoid anti-learning Agile advice

Michael Heydt: Concurrent and High-Performance Programming in .NET with TPL, async/await, and Dataflow

Scott Guthrie: Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure – Part 1

Jeff French: Continuously Deploying Complex Apps Doesn’t Have to Suck!

Don Syme: Making Magic: Combining Data, Information, Services and Programming, at Internet-Scale

Dan North: Accelerating Agile: hyper-performing teams without the hype

Simon Skov Boisen: Building clean and cohesive concurrent systems with F# agents

Sebastiano Armeli Battana: Require JS

Jon McCoy: Hacking .NET(C#) Application: An Unfriendly Territory

Kevlin Henney: Functional Programming You Already Know

Rob Conery: The Javascript Inferno – A Decent Into the Client-side MVC Netherworld

Ram Yoga: All projects should do usability testing!

Jon Skeet: Abusing C#

Venkat Subramaniam: Asynchronous Programming on the .NET Platform

Liz Keogh: Don’t let your process hide your ignorance

Jon McCoy: Hacking .NET(C#) Application: Code of the Hacker

Fredrik Kalseth: UX by Developers

Kevlin Henney: The Architecture of Uncertainty

Gojko Adzic: Make Impacts, Not Software

Niall Merrigan: Defensive Programming 101 v3

Bryan Hunter: Erlang: a jump-start for .NET developers

Richard Campbell: People, Process, Tools – The Essence of DevOps

Neal Ford: Information Alchemy: Presentation Patterns (& Anti-patterns)

Tim G. Thomas: A Developer’s Guide to Design Frameworks (and More!)

Jon Skeet, Rob Conery: Tekpub’s Full Throttle! Live on Stage with Jon Skeet

Magne Jørgensen, Stein Grimstad: How much is a great developer worth?

James Shore: Rigorous, Professional JavaScript

Gill Cleeren: Applied MVVM in Windows 8 apps: not your typical MVVM session!

Miguel Castro: Doing SPA with MVC & KnockoutJS

Andy Hunt: Mining your Creativity Mind

Ian Cooper: TDD, where did it all go wrong

Robert Reppel: Rigging Plan B: How To Go Live Safely With Bubbles, Domain Toggles And Obsessive Monitoring

Stuart Halloway: Introduction to Clojure

Stuart Lodge: Sharing C# across Windows, Android and iOS using MvvmCross

Venkat Subramaniam: Succeeding with TDD: Pragmatic Techniques for effective mocking

August Lilleaas: Service oriented architectures (hardcore separation of concerns)

Kristian Hellang, Justin Rusbatch: Exploring the C# Scripting Experience with scriptcs

James Shore: Test-Driven JavaScript Master Class

Giovanni Asproni: Writing Usable APIs in Practice

Christian Horsdal: Test Driving Nancy

Stuart Halloway: Simulation Testing

Andy Hunt: Debugging your mind

Craig Dunn: iOS with C# using Xamarin

Jon Arild Tørresdal: Continuously Deliver with ConDep

Torstein Bjørnstad: Building Third-party Widgets and APIs using JavaScript

Mark Seemann: Big Object Graphs Up Front

Katya Mustafina: Value of unit test: way from good design to easy maintenance

Chris Hardy: Real Cross-platform Mobile Applications – The Anti-Pattern

Scott Meyers: Better Software — No Matter What

Jimmy Bogard: Holistic testing

Jon Skeet: C# 5

.NET Rocks – Functional Programming Panel: Type systems and static typing – saving your ass or getting in your face

Jonas Winje, Einar W. Høst, Bjørn Einar Bjartnes: Reactive meta-programming with drones

Mark Seemann: Faking Homoiconicity in C# with graphs

Erling Wegger Linde: Chef for developers

Iris Classon: Live coding: The Windows Store Apps showdown – C# vs JavaScript

Kim Joar Bekkelund: Patterns of large-scale JavaScript applications


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