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How can we write better software? – Interview series, part 1

Measuring Coverage at Google

“For per-commit measurement, we hook into the Google code review process (briefly explained in this article) and display the data visually to both the commit author and the reviewers. We display the data on two levels: color coded lines right next to the color coded diff and a total aggregate number for the entire commit.

Displayed above is a screenshot of the code review tool. The green line coloring is the standard diff coloring for added lines. The orange and lighter green coloring on the line numbers is the coverage information. We use light green for covered lines, orange for non-covered lines and white for non-instrumented lines.

It’s important to note that we surface the coverage information before the commit is submitted to the codebase, because this is the time when engineers are most likely to be interested in improving it.

It has one part to discuss “Technique to read source code“. BTW, you could download kindle file from github. (Chinese)

Jeff Dean谈如何在大型在线服务中做到快速响应

On Retrospective Meetings (Chinese)



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