NDC 2014 videos

Anthony Eden – From Code Monkey to Boss Man

Enrico Campidoglio – Why no code reviews?

Doc Norton – Agile Metrics – Velocity is NOT the Goal

Scott Allen – Node.JS Tools For Front-End Developers

Olve Maudal – Insecure coding in C and C++

Peter Smith – “It doesn’t work like that in enterprise”

Scott Hanselman – The Future of ASP.NET Part I

Chris Hardy – C# is in my ears and in my eyes

James Newton-King – Designing Wonderful .NET APIs

Scott Bellware – Agile Kaizen

Mark Rendle – Angular TypeScript

Isak Styf – C++ for small devices

Mathias Brandewinder – F# and Machine Learning: a winning combination

Einar W. Høst – Metamagical programming with expression trees

Doc Norton – The Technical Debt Trap

Scott Wlaschin – Domain modelling with the F# type system

Bjørn Einar Bjartnes – 0-layered architecture

James Nugent – TCP servers in .NET done right

Karoline Klever – The integrations we fear and how we can manage them

Scott Hanselman – How C# Saved my Marriage, Enhanced my Career and Made Me an Inch Taller

Scott Meyers – Better Software–No Matter What: The Most Important Design Guideline

James Newton-King – Serialize All The Things with Json.NET

Andrei Alexandrescu – Generic and Generative Programming in C++

Filip W – scriptcs deep dive. Extending, customizing and embedding in your applications.

Kevlin Henney – Patterns for the People

Glenn Henriksen – Leading without formal authority

Dominick Baier – Finally! – True Cross-Platform Federation & Single Sign-On with OpenID Connect

Mikael Brevik – Functional Reactive Programming and Bacon

Scott Wlaschin – Railway Oriented Programming — error handling in functional languages

Matthew Podwysocki – Scaling Event Processing at all scales and all languages with the Reactive Extensions

Dominick Baier – Web API Authorization & Access Control – done right!

Liam Westley – Async C# 5.0 – Patters For Real World Use

Damian Edwards & David Fowler – Understanding SignalR performance

Scott Meyers – CPU Caches and Why You care

Richard Campbell – People, Process, Tools – The Essence of DevOps

David Neal – Bridging Node.js and .NET Using Edge.js

Garrett Smith – Functional Code Considered Beautiful

Brock Allen – OWIN and Katana: What the Func?

Greg Young – Querying of Event Streams

Joe Armstrong – Functional Programming the Long Road to Enlightenment: a Historical and Personal Narrative

Kevlin Henney – Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Brendan Forster – ReactiveUI – Turning MVVM up to 11

Steve Sanderson – Write massively-parallel GPU code for the browser with WebGL

Andrei Alexandrescu – Error Handling in C++

Nik Molnar – Azure Web Sites Secrets, Exposed!

Bryan Hunter – CQRS with Erlang

Tristan Kromer – The Agony of Lean Startup

Tim G. Thomas – Build a Better Bootstrap

Denise Jacobs – Banish Your Inner Critic

James Nugent – Temporal correlation and complex event processing in JavaScript

Scott Meyers – Effective Modern C++

Anthony Eden – Go: A Pragmatic Language

Tomas Petricek – Domain Specific Languages, the functional way

Anders Abel – Strangling the Legacy out of an Application

Gil Fink – Building End-to-End Web Apps Using TypeScript

Hadi Hariri – Developing in a Decade

Jeff French – Hybrid vs Native: Choosing a Mobile Strategy

Anthony van der Hoorn – Front End Design Patterns: SOLID CSS + JS for Backend Developers

Nico Josuttis – C++14

John Azariah & Mahesh Krishnan – Immutability, State and Scale – Functional, Distributed Applications in Azure

Luke Wroblewski – It’s a Write/Read (Mobile) Web

Reginald Braithwaite – The Art of the Javascript Metaobject Protocol

Joe Armstrong – The mess we’re in

Hubert Matthews – C++ – where are we headed?

David Edwin – The mythical beast called the Internet of Things and how to tame it

Gael Fraiteur – Taking Design Patterns to the Next Level

Bruce Tate – Snake Bitten: Danger and Misfortune in the Evolution of Programming Languages

Erlend Oftedal – Securing a modern JavaScript based single page web application

Todd Gardner – A Heaping Stack of Scripts: Getting the most out of JavaScript Stacktraces

Carl Franklin – The Future of UX with Kinect for Windows v2

Nils Kjetil Vestmoen Nilsen – A Peek into an Enterprise Development Operation Team

Mark Rendle – History of Programming: Part 1

Hans-Christian Holm – Case study: Making use of functional programming techniques in .NET

Mike Cohn – Advanced Topics in Agile Planning

Martin Beeby – Understanding your website through the IE11 F12 tools

Steve Sanderson – Architecting large Single Page Applications with Knockout.js

Mike Cohn – Agile Estimating

Gary Short – Hadoop Kickstarter for the Microsoft Platform

Will Smith – Porting Quake III to F#: A Journey to Functional Programming

Mike Cohn – Getting Agile with Scrum

Nicole Calinoiu – Back to basics: Finalization and disposition in .NET

Mike Cohn – User Stories for Agile Requirements

Cory House – Becoming an Outlier: Career Reboot for the Developer Mind

Paul Stack – Docker is the future of shipping our code

Christian Holm Nielsen – Cloud beyond scaling : realtime webapplications

Liam Westley – An Actor’s Life for Me – An introduction to the TPL Dataflow Library and asynchronous programming blocks

Yngve Bakken Nilsen – From Knockout to AngularJS

Nik Molnar – Full Stack Web Performance

Mark Seemann – Zone out, check in, move on

Robert Misch & Simon Hohenadl – Delivering Continuously to 10 Million Users

Gil Fink – Quick Tour to Front-End Unit Testing Using Jasmine

Mathew McLoughlin – An Introduction to Nancy

Svein Arne Ackenhausen – .NET outside of Visual Studio

Douglas Crockford – The Better Parts

Bruce Tate – Pipe dreams: Pipes |> Macros |> Beautiful Code

Mike Long – The C++ memory model

Scott Hanselman – Fun with JavaScript

Cory House – Real World Single Page Apps: A Knockout Case Study

Adam Tornhill – Code that fits your brain

Jack Schulze – Connected products, systems and the little chip with a big brain

Douglas Crockford – Managing Asynchronicity

Pedro Félix – Single sign-on for mobile native applications

Reginald Braithwaite – Javascript Combinators


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