Technical link Jan-06

Architecture A speech from Sean O’Connor of Morningstar, talking about their production from Desktop to Web/Mobile solution, strongly recommend.

Scrum & Agile HBR archive, 1986-Jan, “The New New Product Development Game”. “Rework” translation, recommend the book. from Dave Thomas, you could refer to his blog From Jeff Sutherland, video is Zooming out. Zooming out means opening your mind to a broader context surrounding the details of your current focus in order to consider alternate solutions to a problem.

Programming “JavaScript Garden”, it has Chinese version. a little complex for me to understand, and try.


I categorize the responses three ways: 50 percent of the people vanish, 25 percent of the people do the assignment, 25 percent of the people make shit happen well beyond what the assignment was. The folks who capture my attention and energy going forward are the ones in category three: The leaders.

Beautiful things


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